Company Profile

Company Profile

Quality Construction Products Public Company Limited was established in 1994. We are the only authorized manufacturer and distributor of “Q-CON” Autoclaved Aerated Concrete in Thailand and South East Asia.


“Q-CON” is the market leader for Lightweight Concrete in Thailand. The quality of our products is guaranteed and accepted by customers in Thailand. With the rapid high company growth, the company has become to be a public company.


Quality Products from “Q-CON”


Q-CON the market leader of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete has a variety of products that you can use for different kinds of jobs.

  1. Q-CON Blocks can be used to build interior and exterior walls as load bearing walls, and non-load bearing walls. The dimension is 20×60 cm each block. The thickness is in the range from 7.5 to 25 cm in 2.5 cm increments. To build 1 sq.m. of wall, you will need only 8.33 Q-CON blocks.
  2. Q-CON Lintels is an beam with steel reinforcement that you can use horizontally above door and window frames that will support the wall built on top of them, without concrete stiffeners (tie beam). Q-CON lintel comes in 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20 cm thickness and the lengths available are from 1.2-3.6 m in 30 cm increments.
  3. Q-CON Wall Panel is pre-fabricated reinforced that you can use to build interior and exterior walls. The walls that are built by Q-CON wall panes can withstand 180 kg/sq.m. of direct wind load. It is available with 60 cm width, 6 m of maximum length, and 10-20 cm thickness in 2.5 cm increments.
  4. Q-CON Floor and Roof Panel are reinforced product that is used to build your floor and roof without having any support. The maximum length available is 6 m with 60 cm width and 10-30 cm thickness. Live load is 100-1,000 kg/sq.m.
  5. Q-CON Thin Bed Adhesive Mortar is a Pre-mixed mortar that you can just mix with clean water, stir and it will be ready to work without adding any more chemicals. A 2-3 laying of thin bed adhesive mortar has high compressive strength.
  6. Q-CON Rendering Mortar is the special mortar for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete. It is an ultra-smooth, slick mortar that is easy to trowel. It contains additives to increase adhesion and make the mortar more hygroscopic, thus eliminating cracking.
  7. Q-CON Tools and Accessories such as trowels, rubber mallets, handsaws, toothed trowels, sanding trowels, grooving tools, metal straps and frame anchors also provide to make your work more efficient.



Quality Assurance

Each step of the production processes to produce Q-CON products is carefully checked and controlled to make sure the product meets the quality standads set by HEBEL Technology. Therefore, our products will comply with German and Thai industrail standards. We start with testing the quality of all raw materials used to produce “Q-CON” Autoclaved Aerated Concrete until the last step of production. We final check qualifications such as compressive strength and density before delivery to customers.